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Daikaijyu no Atoshimatsu/The Great Monster's After Shimatsu (February 4, 2022)

Daikaiju no Atoshimatsu 2022

Movie: Daikaijyu no Atoshimatsu

Director: Satoshi Miki

Writer: Satoshi Miki

Distributor: Shochiku, Toei

Release Date: February 4, 2022

Country: Japan


A large monster attacks Japan, but dies suddenly. It’s only a matter of time that a gas explosion will take place from the carcass of the monster, which could cause the country to collapse. Tatewaki Arata is assigned to lead a special force team into the critical area. Amane Yukino appears in front of Tatewaki Arata. She is the secretary to the environment minister and also the ex-fiancee of Tatewaki Arata.

Ryosuke Yamada plays Arata, a special task force member assigned to cleaing up the monster’s corpse.

He is overseen by the secretary of the Minister of Environment Yumiko Amamoto, played by Tao Tsuchiya.

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Daikaiju no Atoshimatsu
Ryosuke Yamada
Daikaiju no Atoshimatsu
Tao Tsuchiya
Daikaijyu no Atoshimatsu 2022
Nishida Toshiyuki
Daikaijyu no Atoshimatsu 2022
Hamada Gaku
Daikaijyu no Atoshimatsu 2022
Odagiri Joe