DIY: Piglet Crochet – free pattern 2021

Piglet crohcet - free pattern 2021

"Pooh!" whispered Piglet' "Yes, Piglet?" Pooh said. "Oh, nothing" said Piglet. "I was just making sure of you." - Winnie the Pooh

The basic of crochet abbreviations are following.

Crochet abbreviation

ch = chain

st = stich

sc = single crochet = x

dc = double crochet = T

inc = increase (2sc in one st) = V

dec = decrease (2sc together)= Λ

sl st = slip stitch


Piglet Head



Cotton yarn – pink, black, light pink


Pin, cotton stuffing

Doll’s eyes


Head (make 1)

light pink color


Magic ring

R1         6x (6)

R2         1V (12)

R3-4      12x (12)

R5         1V1x (18)

R6-7      18x (18)

R8         1V2x (24)

R9          24x (24)

R10        1Λ2x (18)

R11       18x (18)  

R12        1Λ1x (12)

R13       12x (12)  filling cotton stuffing

R14        1Λ (6)


nose – pink
(make 1)

R1         6x (6)

R2-5      1V (12)


Connect nose on Piglet’s face  

Ear (make 2)

pink color


Magic ring

R1         6x (6)

R2         1V (12)

R3-5      12x (12)

R6         1V2x (16)

R7-8      16x (16)

R9          1Λ2x (12)

R10       12x (12)  

R11        1Λ1x (18)

R12-13  8x (8) 


Connect all parts of Piglet

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