Eeyore Crochet

DIY: Eeyore crochet – free pattern 2021

"A friend is one of the best things you can have, and one of the best things you can do." - Winnie the Pooh

Eeyore Crochet

Welcome to my first crochet’s pattern in this year (2021).

In this year.

I’m very interesting in crochet doll (mini size), and I had motivated by Winnie the Pooh story. So, I will try to make winnie the pooh and his friends mini crochet doll, and will try to write down my pattern.

Let’s enjoy this article and start crochet together.

Eeyore Crochet

This pattern could be your "Eeyore brooch", "Key Chain", or "Zipper Ornaments",Etc.

The basic of crochet abbreviations are following.

Crochet abbreviation

ch = chain

st = stich

sc = single crochet = x

dc = double crochet = T

inc = increase (2sc in one st) = V

dec = decrease (2sc together)= Λ

sl st = slip stitch

EEyore Head:

Size: 3.5cm * 3.5 cm



Cotton yarn – blue color, black, pink, brown


Pin, cotton stuffing

doll’s eyes




Head (make 1)

Blue color 


Magic ring

R1      6x (6)

R2      6V (12)

R3      1V1x (18)

R4      1V2x (24)

R5-7   24x (24)

R8      1Λ 2x (18)

R9      18x (18)

R10    1Λ1x (12)

R11-12      12x (12)  filling cotton stuffing

R13             1Λ (6)


brown color 

Magic ring

R1       6x (6)

R2       6V (12)

R3       1V1x (18)

R4       1V2x (24)

R5-6    24x (24)


sewing brown color with blue color


Ears (make 2)


Blue color


Magic ring

R1          5x (5)

R2          2V (10)

R3-5      10x (10)

R6         1V2x 1V2X 1V3x (13)

R7         13x (13)

R8         1Λ2x   1Λ2x   1Λ3x (10)

R9-10   10x (10)

R11      1Λ1x    1Λ1x   1Λ2x (7)

R12      7x (7)


Pink (make 2)


R1        7ch 1ch

R2       2x 3T 2x

Make round       3x 3T 3x


Sewing pink ear with blue ear (make 2)


Hair (make 10)

R1 5ch (connect with Eeyore head) 5ch /cut



Connect all parts of Eeyore

Eyyore Crochet

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