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Remain (2021), Japanese Anime TV Series

Remain (2021), Japanese Anime TV Series

Remain (2021), a Japanese Anime TV Series written by Masafumi Nishida, animated by MAPPA, directed by Kiyoshi Matsuda.

The series aired on July 4, 2021 on TV Asahi.

remain 2021
RE-MAIN Chibi Plushie Eitaro Oka /
RE-MAIN / Animation
RE-MAIN Chibi Plushie Minato Kiyomizu /
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In the winter of the 3rd year of junior high school, Minato Shimizu, who won the national water polo tournament, was in a coma due to a traffic accident on his way home.

Although he finally worke up 203 days later, he had lost his memory of his 3rd year of middle school.

It was Minami who left the water polo and newly entered Yamagata High School, but with one promise, he started water polo with friends he met there.

However, various difficulties await in the weak water polo club…

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Remain (2021): characters

Remain 2021

Minato Kiyomizu, Eitaro Oka, Jo Jojima, Chinu Kawakubo

Remain 2021

Shugo Amihama, Takekazu Ejiri, Yutaka Babayaro Inomata, Yoshiharu Ushimada

Remain 2021

Keita Kakihana, Riku Momosaki, Koki Toguchi

Remain 2021

Akimitsu Bizen, Takeshi Toyama, Akihisa Fukui, Norimichi Ishikawa

Remain (2021): ost