Build Divide 2021

Build Divide #000000 Code Black, Japanese Anime TV Series 2021

Build Divide #000000 Code Black, Japanese TV Series 2021

Build Divide, a Japanese mixed-media project created by Aniplex, Yohodo, Liden Films, Homura, Kawamoto, and Hikaru Muno.

The anime series aired from October 9, 2021.


Build-Divide #000000-(Code Black)

Build Divide 2021


In “New Kyoto,” the next king is decided through one’s skills at a card game, Build Divide. It’s said that players who defeat the king will have their wish granted. 

Teruhito Kurabe vows to defeat the king for a certain purpose, and is led by a mysterious girl, Sakura Banka.

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Build Divide: characters

Build Divide 2021

Kikka, Hiyori Tori, Teruhito Kurabe, Sakura Banka, Naomitsu Enjo

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Build Divide: theme song

Bang by EGOIST

Fukagyakuteki na Inochi no Shozo by Mimai Siren