2021 Baeksang Arts Awards Honor, the best Korean dramas and Films

2021 Baeksang Arts Awards Honor, the best Korean dramas and Films.

Here are the latest 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, the best dramas and Films, the awards were announced on May 13, 2021.

The award winner for each catogory are following

The winners for TV catagory:

Grand Prize: Yoo Jae-suk (variety performer)


Best Drama

Beyond Evil / Monster (JTBC)


The story of two fearless men, Lee Dong-sik and Han Jo-won, who breack the law to catch a serial killer.



Entertainment Award:

Hangout with Yoo / How do you play?

How to you play? EP.90

How do you Play? Ep.92

Best Director Award:

Kim Cheol-kyu

Drama: Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil main poster.jpg

Flower of Evil

Baek Hee-sung, a craftman who hides his identity from his wife Cha Ji-won, a detective.

Unfortunately, the secrets have coming up when Cha Ji-won and her colleages begin investigating a series of unexplaned murders, she realized that the her husband may be hiding something from her.

Liberal Arts Award:

Archive Project-Modern Korea2 (KBS 1TV)

Best Actor

Shin Ha-gyun 

Drama: Monster

Best Actress

Kim So-yeon

 The Penthouse: War in Life

Supporting Actor

Oh Jung-se/It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

New Actor

Lee Do-hyun / 18 Again

Yeom Hye-ran/The Uncanny Counter

New Actress

Park Ju-hyun / Extracurricular

Film Category Winner

Grand Prize in Film

Lee Joon-ik (director) The book of Fish

The Book of Fish.jpg

The book of Fish, a 2021 South Korean historical black and white film directed by Lee Joon-ik.

The historical film set in 1801 about Joseon era scholar Jeong Yak-jeon. He was exiled to Heuksando Island during the Catholic Persecution of 1801 in King Sunjo of Joseon’s reign.

He wrote a pishine encyclopedia titled Jasaneobo.

Best Film

Samjin Company English Class

In 1995, Lee Ja Young, Jung Yoo Na, and Sim Bo Ram are friends and co-workers at Samjin Company. They have been working there for 8 years. They are good at their work, but, because of their high school only educational backgrounds, they are still at the bottom of the company.

One day, the company announces that any employee that attains a score of 600 or higher on the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam will receive a promotion to assistant manager. Employees who rank at the bottom of the company attend a Samjin Co. English Class in hopes of receiving the promotion.

They dream of doing real work, rather than making coffee, cleaning up and running to make copies. Lee Ja Young, Jung Yoo Na and Sim Bo Ram attend the Samjin Co. English Class and study hard for the TOEIC exam. Meanwhile, Lee Ja Young notices wastewater discharge from a Samjin factory affecting the environment. She tries to make a report to the company, but the company ignores her. Lee Ja Young, Jung Yoo Na and Sim Bo Ram struggle to expose corruption inside their company.

Best Actor

Yoo A In

Voice of Silence

Best Actress

Jeon Jong-seo

The Call

Best supporting Actor/Actress

Park Jung-min / Deliver Us from Evil

Kim Sun-young / Three Sisters

Hong Kyung / Innocence

Choi Jung-woon / Moving On

Special award winner / TikTok Popularity Award

Kim Seon-ho

Seo Ye-ji


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