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Brave Quit, Japanese Anime TV Series 2022

Brave, quit, Japanese Anime TV Series 2022

Brave Quit or I’m quitting Hero, upcoming Japanese anime tv series, the series scheduled to broadcast in April 2022.

Brave, Quit (April 2022)

Brave Quit


Demon King ArmySaved the world from the invasion ofHero Leo.
But its strength is It poses a threat to humans who have entered a peaceful world.
Finally from the holy cityExpulsionIt has been done.

Losing status, honor, and whereabouts,
The destination of the wandering hero-Tattered Demon King Army! ??

Leo challenges the rebuilding of the army with the four heavenly kings while hiding his identity from the Demon King, whether it is a grudge against people or desperation .

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Brave quit 2022
Brave quit 2022
Brave quit 2022
Brave quit 2022
Brave quit 2022

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