Fingertip-Powered Wearable

Fingertip-Powered Wearable, produces electricity from people’s sweat

Fingertip-Powered Wearable

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, are developing interesting devices. It produces electricity from people’s sweat. Moreover, the main body is thin and flexible film-like, and it is a size that does not feel uncomfortable when attached to the finger.

The device is equipped with an enzyme that generates electricity by causing a chemical reaction between lactic acid and oxygen molecules in sweat, which can store electrical energy in a small capacitor.

The human fingers are one of the most perspiring places, producing 100 to 1,000 times more perspiration than the rest of the body.

It seems that just by putting on this device and going to bed at night, 400 millijoules of electricity can be generated that can use an electronic watch for a day. This amount is equivalent to one finger, so if it is applied to all fingers, it seems to produce ten times as much electricity.

There is also a chip below the electrode that converts the pressure into electrical energy, which is said to generate power, for example, by typing a computer.

The researchers who developed the device are aiming for more efficient and durable devices by further improvement, and are considering how electric energy generated by the finger can be used.

Maybe in the future, there is no need for charging for electronic devices.

Top image: © UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

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